Saturday December 16th 2017

A thank you from Queen Elizabeth School

QE SchoolFrom Left to Right: Jeff Dean, Alexandra Lewis-Beavis, Angus Funston, Matthew Czubac, Emily Lee, Carolyn Truelove

On Monday, June 18, 2012, the meeting began with a presentation from teacher Carolyn Truelove and her grade 3 students to allow them to return to school promptly. Perth Rotary Club donated money to this class to purchase a class set of English and French books, which were selected by the students. The club was warmly and repeatedly thanked for this!

The books have been used in many ways: reading aloud; silent reading and reading at home; drama activities; group projects including the creation of ipad book trailers, using photos, interviews, internet research, music, recording themselves reading parts of the book. A demonstration of one of the Robert Munch book trailers was most impressive!

The books promote reading, ownership (since they selected the books), language, sourcing information and the thrill of having new books. Books selected included ones from Robert Munch, Titanic, Guiness World Record book set. The non-fiction books are especially popular with boys. Each student shared some thoughts and thanked us.

A great presentation!

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