Monday December 18th 2017

Australian Rotarians Visit Perth, Ontario

On September 19th three visiting Rotarians and their wives from District 9640 Australia were introduced to their Perth Rotary hosts at a Rotary meeting held in Perth. Bill and Dianne Vanderstaay from the Rotary Club of Mermaid Beach stayed with Jim and Lorna Peden, Noel and Kay Hodges of the Rotary Club of Broadbeach stayed with Bob and Bonnie Strachan, and Nev and Fay Winter stayed with John and Shirley Hauraney.

Jim Gives Kingston HistoryJim led a walk through historic Perth on Monday afternoon complete with a visit to Town Hall and a presentation from staff and the Mayor. On Tuesday the visitors were treated to a boat ride down the Rideau to Smiths Falls by Carl and Barb Whitehouse followed by lunch and a visit to the Rideau Canal Museum. Tues evening dinners were hosted by Carl and Barb Whitehouse and Bill and Chris Hale for the Winters and the Hodges while the Vanderstaay’s enjoyed the Bistro in Perth with the Pedens.

Aussie Rotarians Enjoy Chez PiggyWednesday Bob and Jim accompanied the Aussies to Jones Falls and Kingston to show off some of our historic past and they enjoyed a lunch at Chez Piggy’s in Kingston. Wednesday evening, Jim and Lorna hosted a wonderful BBQ at Bass Lake for the entire group.

Thursday morning was spent travelling to Wheeler’s Maple Sugar farm where the pancakes were enjoyed and Mark Wheeler spent some time describing the methods of producing maple syrup to the Aussies. A quick visit to Balderson and the Aussies were then delivered to Brockville by Craig Wormald and Ralph Fish.

The visit was truly a wonderful learning experience for all involved and a very enjoyable 4 days ended too quickly.

Strachan's and Hodges

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