Monday December 18th 2017


Billed as Canada’s #1 Rock and Roll Show and Dance Band, Eddy and the Stingrays celebrate their 30th year together in 2010, entertaining fans all over North America with a unique combination of showmanship, choreography and comedic flair…all guaranteed to keep the dance floor filled throughout the night, it’s a show that excels at entertaining the “sit down” crowd as well !!!From Elvis and Buddy Holly to the Beach Boys, Beatles and everyone in between, let Eddy and the Stingrays take you on a nostalgic trip back through the 1950’s and 60’s with their own special brand of vocals and musicianship which are second to none. A break neck show including all of the doo-wop, tear-jerkers and rock and roll standards awaits you, so what are you waiting for…’s time to have a Rock and Roll Party !!!
  •   Eddy and the Stingrays formed in 1980
  •   Consistently billed as Canada’s #1 50’s and 60’s show and dance band.
  •   Primarily known as a 50’s and 60’s doo wop band, over the years Eddy and the Stingrays have branched out to cover many other styles as well, such as 70’s classic rock, and even some hits from later decades, while still remaining true to their “roots”, not straying away from the trademark “costumes and choreography” depicting the golden age of rock and roll they originally became famous for.

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