Monday December 18th 2017

Get ready for a “Flood of Food”


The Rotary Club of Perth and Perth and District schools are launching the 1st annual Rotary Youth “Flood of Food”. Participation is open to all 10 schools in Perth and the District. The Flood of Food  will help bridge the spring food gap at The Table and The Pantry (our local food banks).

The objective is to see how much food/money can be collected by each of the 10 schools in the Perth Family of Schools.

  • Lake 88.1 will provide 50 on air promotions for the campaign.
  • Rotary Club of Perth representatives and Lake 88.1/Hugh Colton will travel to each school on a specific date to conduct live interview, photos, and will collect food.
  •  Cheque donations are encouraged as it can be used to buy food at a discount and increase the value of the donation. Cheques should be made out to the Rotary Club of Perth.  Specific credit can be given to a school by noting the school name on the cheque.
  • Donated cash or cheques will be applied to a food conversion and will count towards school food totals.  All collected Funds will be passed on to “The Table” or “The Pantry” (depending location of school involved).
  • Food/cash totals will be presented during Rotary Fest Dance, to be held at the Perth Arena on Saturday, May 10, 2014.


Suggested Core Foods for Donation

  • Canned whole, diced or crushed tomatoes, Canned vegetables, Canned tomato paste and sauce, Canned pasta sauces, Canned seafood, Canned beans and dried beans, Canned baked beans, Peanut butter, Dried pasta, Rice, Oats, Grains and Seeds, Breakfast cereal (low sugar), Flour, Sugar (brown and white)
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