Saturday December 16th 2017

Guest Speaker: Classic Theatre Festival


Classic Theatre FestivalToday’s Guest Speaker was Laurel Smith of the Classic Theatre Festival. Laurel is a theatre director, playwright, producer & performer with a great deal of education & experience. She directed at Gravenhurst Opera House, Gryphon Theatre, Capitol Theatre in Port Hope and Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The mandate of the Classic Theatre Festival is to put on Classic Plays from the Golden Age of Theatre. Tickets are $30 for adults, $21 for youth (under 30).

This summer’s plays are “Bell, Book and Candle” and “The Fourposter” and will be performed at the Mason Theatre which is wheelchair-accessible and will have a/c for the performances. “Bell, Book and Candle” is still doing cat auditions – contact Laurel if you have a well-behaved cat who might want to perform! Volunteers are also needed – ushers & concession stand – 14 years old minimum.Laurel Smith

The Classic Theatre Festival also runs the “Save a Seat program” which is a Charitable program for those not able to afford tickets. Your donations to Save a Seat go to social services who will give tickets to their clients to attend a show they might otherwise not be able to afford.

This year, as in other years, the Classic Theatre shares one night’s box office with the Rotary Club of Perth. This year’s Rotary Night is July 13 at 8pm. We hope to see you there!

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