Saturday December 16th 2017

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paula Stewart

Dr. Paula Stewart
Dr. Stewart accepting a gift of Lanark County Maple Syrup

This past Monday, the Rotary Club of Perth was pleased to have Dr. Paula Stewart as a guest speaker. Dr. Stewart is the Chief Medical Officer for Lanark Leeds Grenville Health Unit. Her works focuses mainly on:

Chronic Disease Prevention – the Lanark, Leeds & Grenville area has higher risk factors for Chronic Disease than the average within the Ottawa area

Exercise and Diet – These are the #1 things we can do to help prevent chronic disease. Exercise stimulates the body to regenerate, helps improve mental health, and helps prevent aging! No need to look for the fountain of youth – it’s as easy as eating well and being active.

Healthy Community Partnership and Healthy Communities Charter – helping to teach the community better healthy practices, and helping youth well being, and resilience. Works in collaboration with the mental health unit.

Food Security – trying to teach those less fortunate about eating healthier, and cooking well, etc. Food Banks often can’t provide a balanced diet, so less fortunate people are eating garbage. 40% of these are children, and have trouble focusing in school because they are not fed properly.

Alcohol/Drugs and Young People – adolescence is a tough time, and many kids turn to alcohol/drugs because they are not emotionally/mentally equipped to handle it. We need to help them by arming them with the “assets” they need to get through – things like having boundaries, inter-generational relationships, opportunities for leadership & community involvement, feeling connected in the community, etc. Rotary’s focus on Literacy is important here, and encouraging them to get involved in the community. The more “assets” a child has, the lower the likelihood that they will turn to alcohol & drugs.

Lyme Disease – we are in a Lyme area. Use repellant, wear light clothes when walking in the bushes. If a tick bites you, use tweezers as close to the skin as possible – don’t twist it. The health unit will test for lyme disease. The health unit has some tick info and photos.

Sustainability – ensuring the quality of life, economy and environment for future generations.

Dr. Stewart’s presentation was very informative, and very relevant to our club’s activities such as Youth Development and Literacy.

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