Thursday February 22nd 2018

Guest Speaker – Lanark County Mental Health

lanark mental healthToday we heard from Mike Poulin at Lanark County Mental Health. Mike has been in the business almost 30 years. Mike explained the three stages of mental well-being:

  1. Everyday: general/situational stress
  2. Situational: loss, challenges, anxiety – this touches many of us
  3. Extreme: e.g. schizophrenia, manic-depression, chronic depression

Mental Health plays a role in everyone’s lives. It’s not “us” and “them.” One in five of us will experience a feeling of being off-balance at some point in our lives.

Women are generally more adept at dealing with their feelings, but the stats show that men are improving. In 1981, LCMH’s referrals were 75% female. Now, it’s more like 60%.

The human condition is complex. We don’t always have all the answers, and sometimes we need help. Lanark County Mental Health is here to help.

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