Monday December 18th 2017

Guest speaker Warren McMeekin

LHYCIWarren McMeekin, executive director of the Lanark Highlands Youth Centre, spoke to the Rotary Club of Perth on March 25, 2013. Warren took the helm of the youth centre in December last year. As a former executive at Scouts Canada, he has worked with youth for more than 35 years and is bringing new projects and programs to Lanark Highlands. The youth centre serves kids in Lanark Village and surrounding areas, with 121 kids ages 10-18 currently registered. Youth centre members can join in activities including sports, arts and crafts, cooking, and 4-H. The centre is currently doing a 4-H course in karaoke and has taken recent field trips to area maple syrup producers and to do outdoor sports like tubing and hiking on Blueberry Mountain. Youth centre staff and volunteers also offer a lot of homework help, which the Rotary donation is helping fund. This allows the kids to have access to quiet space, computers, and a group of knowledgeable adults. One of Warren’s goals is to get the kids thinking more seriously about their future career options, so he invited Rotarians to come speak about how they chose their professions and what was required to get into their fields.

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