Saturday December 16th 2017

GWM Hospital Presentation

Great_War_Memorial_siteOn April 29th Speakers/Guests Linda Bisonnette CEO of Perth/Smiths Falls Hospitals, Lynda Hendricks 2013 Hospital Chair, Larry Sparks 2012 Hospital Chair and Karen Kelly Executive Assistant to Linda Bisonnette gave an excellent presentation on the status of the 2012 Hospital peer review.

Outcome being reduced hours in the ER with critical cases on weekends being ambulanced to Smiths Falls. This was to take pressure of ER nurses who are also OR nurses.

18 positions were found to be excess. All employees effected found other openings within the hospital system. Only one actually let go who shortly thereafter found suitable employment.


Several beds were closed but can be re-opened as necessary.

Deficit will be reduced over a number of years.

GWM only hospital in this LINS area to get financial assistance in 2013 because of the prompt attention to the financial management of the institution.

Bisonnette emphatic that hospital will not be closing.

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