Thursday February 22nd 2018

Perth Stingrays canvas for Swimarathon 2018 to End Polio NOW

Members of the Perth Stingrays Aquatic Club soliciting customers at Barnabe’s Independent Grocery to sponsor the Rotary Club of Perth Swimarathon in raising funds to End Polio NOW.

Perth StingraysRotarian Sue Landry, Megan Emon, Megan Wheeler, Matthew Barnabe (Barnabe’s Independent Grocer) who allowed the Perth Sting Rays to canvas customers for donations to the Swimarathon, Feb. 10, Grace Barnabe, Rotarian Claudette Truelove





Perth Stingrays

Grace Barnabe accosts this poor sole to donate.







Perth StingraysMegan Emon accosts and unsuspecting woman







Perth StingraysThe Herd – Rotary President Frank Larabie, Matthew Barnabe, Rotarians Sue Landry and Jim Peden, Megan Wheeler, Grace Barnabe, Rotarian Claudette Truelove, Megan Emon. Fern Bond who also helped the swimmers, was out of the store at photo time





Perth StingraysWhile the girls work, the slackers eat

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