Saturday December 16th 2017

Perth Stingrays committed to END POLIO NOW

stingrays07-1WOW… great job you Stingrays in getting pledges for End Polio Now.

6 young , enthusiastic Stingrays button holing customers as they entered the store and they collected $1304.80 !

They were having a competition to raise the most money.

Grace Barnabe- $366.80 & 51 donors
Hillary Fournier-$365.65 & 42 donors
Andrew Machan-$171.30 & 25 donors
Thomas MacMillan-$158.00 & 28 donors
Sami Armstrong-$117.80 & 28 donors
Megon Emon- $115.00 & 15 donors

The totals are $1294.55 and 189 donors. Actual cash was over by $10.25 plus one cheque for $20 that was not in with the cash.
Thanks to the great citizens of Perth for all your contributions and thanks to Barnabe’s Independent Grocer for giving the Stingrays and the Rotary Club of Perth permission to canvas in your store.

The swim meet is on February 11th.  There is still time to make a pledge.  Lets END POLIO NOW!

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