Monday December 18th 2017

Presentation on Youth/Literacy Initiatives

ReadingThe Rotary Club of Perth’s Youth/Literacy Initiatives Team gave a presentation on April 15, 2013, about the work the club is doing in these areas, which covers a number of volunteer efforts as well as donations throughout the community. The Rotary Readers program, a partnership with CFUW, pairs 36 volunteers with kids in area schools for one-on-one reading practice, while the Classroom Books project gives students their own set of books and dictionaries for their class. Another volunteer effort sees Rotary members delivery books selected by Perth library staff to home daycares. Along with Rotary’s donations to the library to support its summer literacy program and theme boxes, these projects spread a love of reading to all, giving children lifelong skills. In addition to these projects, Rotary donates to both YAK Youth Centre in Perth and Lanark Highlands Youth Centre and gives awards to noteworthy students in grade 8 and 12 as well as to inspiring educators. Further projects in these areas are in the works.

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