Saturday December 16th 2017

Rotary Books Pilot Project

Rotary Book Class PhotoThe Rotary Books Pilot Project aims to enable kids to be active in working with teacher to pick out books, and to get them excited about reading. Literacy is one of Rotary’s areas of focus.

We have implemented this pilot project in a few classrooms with great success. The students have been surprised and excited that the books are current and of interest to them. In each classroom, a “Champion Teacher” implements a number of techniques and strategies to make the program/books an active part of curriculum. The students and their parents have been sending very positive reviews to our champion teachers!

Each book and dictionary provided is identified with a Rotary sticker, and these books are used by readers in Rotary’s Reader Program to help improve reading levels at schools. Stay tuned for further updates on our Rotary Books Project!

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