Saturday December 16th 2017

Rotary Books Update

Photo of Rotary Books Presentation
Hannah Bain, Oliver Bell, Jacob Cooke, Faith Goebel

Yesterday, grade 3 students from Queen Elizabeth School came and presented to our club on the benefits of the Rotary Books pilot project. How do you help kids read? You provide funds that allow them to pick books that are interesting to them! Provide dictionaries and have the teachers create games (dictionary races) on a daily basis.

Despite the power being out for their entire presentation, they did a great job! They and Mrs. Dean (their teacher) told us all about how they got to select the books themselves, and how they learned to properly look up words in the dictionary, and did dictionary races, and how some of the students who started the year reading below a grade 3 level are now at or above the grade 3 reading level.

At the end of their presentation, President-elect Jeff Dean presented each of the 4 students with a favourite book to add to their collection.

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