Monday December 18th 2017

Sharon Bourque Receives Educator of the Year Award for 2013

Sharon Bourque, a guidance and student success teacher at Perth & District Collegiate Institute was declared the 2013 winner of this award which was first presented 12 years ago.  A panel of Rotarians, after reviewing nominations from the public at large, selected this committed, long serving and popular teacher to be publicly recognized as an educator who inspires, builds confidence, shows leadership and commitment both in and beyond the classroom walls.  Educators currently employed in one of the eleven schools comprising the “Perth Family of Schools” are eligible to be nominated.

P_rotary_teacher_award___Gallery Credit: Perth Courier

In 2001 the Rotary Club of Perth felt that it was a worthy project to create this award and associated publicity in local media so that educators who ‘went above and beyond’ normal expectations could receive public recognition.  Award winners have their name engraved on a plaque which remains in their particular school for a year and they receive a framed certificate of their achievement. Presentations are made by the current Rotary president at school assemblies.  Letters of notification are sent to all nominees with a copy sent to their respective principals for their awareness.

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