Monday December 18th 2017

Rotary Grows Readers

Participant thank you for Rotary Club donation
A participant and tutor in the Perth Union Library Summer Literacy Program thank Rotary for their donation.

The Rotary Club of Perth is once again supporting the Perth Union Library Summer Literacy Program. This year’s contribution of $4000 brings Rotary’s support over the past 15 years to more than $40,000. The literacy program gives kids who have been recommended by their teachers one-on-one tutoring over the summer to improve their reading skills.

Parents of the 125 kids who participated in the program in 2011 saw great improvement in their children’s reading skills, as well as their interest in books and learning. “I think this is an excellent way to give children the confidence to return to school with more knowledge in reading,” one parent said. “I have recommended this program to many friends, and they all have been impressed. Please keep this program running.”

Another said: “This program is one of the best programs out there. The time and attention the child receives is so beneficial.” Holly’s mother noted: “Holly hadn’t started reading chapter books before this session – she does now!”

Events such as the upcoming RotaryFest raise funds for these and other important programs in the Perth community. Learn more about Rotary’s work.

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