Monday December 18th 2017

Rotary Launches Career Talks at Lanark Highlands Youth Centre

In a new partnership with Lanark Highlands Youth Centre, members of the Rotary Club of Perth will be visiting the centre monthly to speak about their lives and careers and offer their expertise to teens. Past President Patrick Graham spoke to a group of about a dozen youth on Tuesday, September 17, about his work as an investment advisor and financial planner with BMO Nesbitt Burns. Drawing on more than a decade of experience helping people manage their money, Graham observed that those who keep their expenses lower than their income tend to be happy, while an imbalance between income and expenses can lead to the opposite, a problem too often rectified by going into debt. He also explained the power of starting to save even a little bit of money early in life, which over time with the power of compound interest can make a big difference. “The presentation was excellent,” said Warren McMeekin, executive director of the youth centre. “Patrick has a very calm manner and was able to speak to the kids at their level. These kids will really benefit in the long run.”Rotary_Sept 18_Lanark Highlands_Youth_DSCF6569_Publish

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