Saturday December 16th 2017

RotaryFest 2012

Eddie and the Stingrays perform at RotaryFest 2011
Eddie and the Stingrays perform at RotaryFest 2011

RotaryFest 2012 is coming up Saturday, May 12, at 8 p.m. at the Perth Arena. We are pleased once again to be featuring Eddy and the Stingrays for a night of fun and entertainment. RotaryFest is the Rotary Club of Perth’s major annual fundraising event. In 2011, those attending the dance and auction helped raise more than $11,000 for the Table Food Bank and Rotary’s literacy efforts, including the Perth & District Union Public Library‘s summer literacy program. Tickets are $25, available from any Rotary Club member. Bring a Food Bank donation to the event and get $5 back! Watch for your Food Bank donation bag in the mail. Tickets are also available at CGIS, 52 South Street in Perth, or by calling (613) 267-2747.

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