Monday December 18th 2017

Shred-It Fundraiser a Great Success

Shred-ItIn spite of the early morning weather, which cleared and the sun came out, we had a pretty good day. According to the Shred-It attendant we had a total of  78 people who arrived with about 207 containers. Thanks to John clement, Jeff Dean, Ralph Burt and Sue Landry who arrived to help.

Many people expressed their gratitude for sponsoring the event as it was a perfect way for them to have their private papers destroyed with confidence. One lady was so concerned about her papers, she insisted on seeing them destroyed for herself. While that was not technically possible as the attendant just puts everything into this huge hopper, she did hear them being destroyed so was satisfied they were actually gone safely. A special thanks to the Shred-It people, better known as Securit, who did all this at no charge. Nice people! Watch for this event again in 2014.


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