Saturday December 16th 2017

Speaker Suzanne Bullock of Habitat for Humanity Global Village


habitat for humanity

On July 7, 2014, we had the pleasure of hearing Suzanne talk about Global Village. ┬áSuzanne described the Global Village program, which started 25 years ago and involves Habitat for Humanity volunteers going to other countries to build homes. Suzanne and her husband Rick built a home in Kenya and were inspired to get more involved. The Global Village program is in 40 countries where there is already a local Habitat for Humanity presence. Volunteers help families build a home in the local construction style. Teams of 10-20 people will go over for 10-14 days, including some touring time. Volunteers don’t need previous skills and will be taught all they need on the job. Teams can be from an organization like a church or school, or individuals can join a team through the Habitat for Humanity website. The teams bring donations, which help fund additional homes in that country. The trips also promote cross-cultural understanding. Habitat for Humanity has built 2 million homes around the world, mostly in North America. None have been built in Perth, but there have been some discussions. Local Habitat for Humanity chapters are in Ottawa, Brockville and Kingston.


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