Monday December 18th 2017

Student awareness of Rotary’s endeavors to end polio

End polio now End polio now

The Rotary Club of Perth was asked to talk about Rotary and the End Polio Now campaign to the Grade 7/8 classes at St. Johns High School. The students heard sessions on social justice and helping others from groups such as Rotary, YAK, Catholic Womens’ League, Grannies for Africa, Guatemala Stove Project, The Table and student action groups within the school. Each student could attend 4 of the 9 sessions.

David Batchelor, the Rotary Club of Perth’s incoming president, made four 30 minute presentations about polio and the work that Rotary is doing to help the final stages of eradicating Polio. He specifically highlighted the recent Canadian campaign that raised $6.7M including matching grants from the Canadian Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the Canadian Government’s recent announcement to contribute a further $250M over the next 5 years as part of the estimated $5B+ needed to completely eradicate the disease. David also had opportunities to highlight Rotary’s youth programs to the students. Well done David!


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