Monday December 18th 2017

Thanking the Mountain – Panamaguim Water Project

This update is from Paul Hauraney who is currently visiting the water project in Guatemala:

Hi Folks,

Yesterday Keith and I had the privilege to observe the Mayan ritual of thanking the mountain for the water our project will be using from it. The ceremony took place at the spring where the work of containment and collection tanks has been completed. In a word it was an amazing experience.

The ceremony lasted about 3 hours and had many intricate segments which we can explain better when we are home. All the Rotary and stove project people involved should have felt a warm blessing about 11:00 am yesterday (May 30, 2012) as the elder gent performing most of the service spoke your names in a blessing, including Sam and Keith’s Dad who as many of you know was keenly interested in Mayan culture. It struck me that our culture could learn much in the areas of patience and reverence from the Mayan people.

About half of the pipe has been laid. We watched as a group of men and boys laid about 300 meters of pipe. It was superb to watch the speed they worked at, only due to the degree of cooperation and enthusiasm these people display. While we were there they opened a valve which was located higher up the mountain to test the water flow and sure enough, there was a good flow of water to this point. Today they are planning to span a deep valley with a section of overhead pipe suspended on a cable. I can’t tell you how interesting this is to observe, and again, how privileged Keith and I feel to be here.
We then had a wonderful lunch close to the spring but across this beautiful creek full of huge boulders. This was a very beautiful place—one might say spiritual–I love places like this!

Panamaguim Water Project

Panamaguim Water Project

Panamaguim Water Project

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