Monday December 18th 2017

Thanks from a Merrywood Parent

Thank YouHi, My 6 year old son has cerebral palsy. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend Family Camp the week of Aug 22, 2011.

I just wanted to thank you for the bbq – the food was fantastic and it was nice to see people giving of their time for others. Just to know that people care for us and our kids is very humbling.

I know your organization has been very supportive of Camp Merrywood. I just want you to know that it was like a haven to us for the week!

Camp Merrywood gave me a chance to meet other parents in similar situations as myself. I found the parents to be very optimistic and loving, and I was really impressed with the spirit of some of the children. It gave me some good contacts and supports, and more hope for the future.

Thank you for your commitment to Merrywood, our children and families! You really do make a difference.

Sincerely, Elaine

A Smiling Merrywood Camper

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