Monday December 18th 2017

Visit from Open Doors – Lanark County

Open DoorsNicki Collins, Executive Director of Open Doors the mental health service provider for children and youth in Lanark County spoke to the Rotary Club of Perth on April 22, 2013. Nicki has been the Executive Director since Open Doors was founded in 1996. She explained that prior to the establishment of Open Doors family and children requiring mental health services had to go to either Kingston or Ottawa. She said that the profile of who is seeking services from Open Doors has changed over to the years and they now see an equal number of boys and girls. The most common health concerns related to stress and anxiety. One of the major initiatives that Open Doors has undertaken is to have a counselor in every high school in the county once weekly which makes it easier for youth to access service. In responding to a question about how do parents or other adults know if a child might need help Nicki said that significant lasting changes in behaviour and personality are usually the best indicators that a child is experiencing something for which they might counseling.

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