Saturday December 16th 2017

Wilson Street Beautification

Hwy 7 Rotary Fest May 2014

The Town of Perth has committed $20,000 to expanding the Perth 200th Legacy Project – Wilson Street Beautification, to include beautification of Hwy #7 if the community can raise matching funds. The Rotary Club of Perth has already donated $12,000 that was matched with $12,000 from the town and 105 blooming trees have been planted on Wilson St. ┬áThe donation at Rotaryfest 2014 of $5,000 is going towards Perth 200th Legacy Project expansion of tree program to include Hwy#7. The town will match this with $5,000 which equates to 40 blooming trees that can be planted on Hwy #7.


Councillor Jim Boldt, Councillor Beth Peterkin, Rotarian Jeff Dean and Rotarian David Batchelor


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