Please review the Perth Rotary Guidelines for Requesting Support prior to completing the Community Project Request Form.

The Rotary Club of Perth has a committee that reviews all requests for funds.  All requests must be submitted on the Community Project Request Form which is available below.

Over the course of the year, Rotary hosts many local events, raising much needed funds for the Perth and District community.  As Rotarians, we run these Member-based events ourselves.  Ribfest is the only event of the year when we reach out to the broader community we support.  As with many organizations, Rotary is struggling to maintain a volunteer base.  Without Volunteers, we can’t run Ribfest.  We are asking for your help!

If your organization is requesting financial support from the Rotary Club of Perth, please be advised that you should be prepared to provide volunteer hours to commensurate with the funding you receive.  For example, currently if an organization receives $5,000 of support, the organization would be expected to commit to providing a minimum of 50 volunteer hours of service at the Ribfest event once it is safe to host again.

The Rotary Club of Perth does not fund “for profit” Organizations.  Funding requests should be made via the “Community Project Request Form” and sent to Rotary by October 31st  of each year.  If the club has remaining funds a second round of requests are accepted by February 28th the following year.


The request form has been developed to expedite this process by having the applicant answer typical questions raised during the review process. The committee will follow up and ask any clarifying questions to make sure the club is comfortable with the submission, risks, and benefits. The more comprehensive the information, the better chance your organization has in competing with other needy causes. Rotary wants to support the best projects in the community that will provide the greatest impact to the many.


The Rotary Club of Perth’s strategic areas of focus are: Youth Development, Local Community Enhancement, and International Projects including ShelterBox Disaster Relief, Polio Plus, Mayan Villages, Uganda.

To request support from Rotary on a Community Project:


Please use the Community Project Request Form.  You can either print the form and fill it out manually or download the protected MS Word version of the form and fill it out electronically (the form will automatically be saved in your downloads directory).  Send the completed form to us.  

Our email address is listed in the form.